Water is an extremely valuable resource resources

Save it save the earth 

Water is a valuable resource. We all believe that every living thing needs  water to survive and it must be used as efficiently as possible. We also believe that without it there is no life on earth. All our believes are true. There are four things that we need to know about water. How people used water, the consequences of lack of water, how people waste water and also how can we save water.

We have many uses for water- domestic purposes, agriculture and industries.                  Water uses for domestic purposes.                                                                                      Water is used for cooking, drinking, cleaning and for sanitation. Providing sufficient drinking water and sanitation for people in developing countries in the world is one of the greatest challenges at the present time.                                                                                         Water uses for agriculture.                                                                                                             Agricultural made use the the most water in the world. This particularly in the case of Africa, Asia and South American. The use of water for irrigation per person varies greatly throughout the world.                                                                                                     Water uses for industries                                                                                                               About  25% of water is used in the industries. Water has a significant role to play as an input for most manufacturing industries especially food processing, brewing and soft drinks manufacturing, chemicals and textiles.

The are so many consequences of lack of water. You can live several weeks without eating any food, but only few days without drinking water. Every single function in your body relies on the presence of water. The consequences of lack of water can range from uncomfortable to life threatening depending on how long it’s been since you had a drink. The lack of water can lead to dehydration, people may die or have sicknesses, the global conflict would increase, it can cause food shortages, energy shortages and economic slowdown.

Even when we see that we have many uses for water and consequences of lack of water we still choose to waste it. People leave water running while brushing their teeth. People take to long in the shower when they bath. People use the pipes when washing their cars and leaking taps can also cause a waste of water.

because we have many consequences of lack of water how can we save water to prevent those consequences. We can save water by catching rain water and store it in the tanks or any other containers and purify it afterwards. We can also recycle water for example use the water that we bathe with to water in our gardens. There are also six tips on saving water at home turn off tap when brushing your teeth, take a shorter shower, use a backet when washing your cars, fix dripping taps, install water meter and invest in water efficient goods.

There are more than one billion people in the world who have no access to safe drinking water and more than two billion people who don’t have proper sanitation systems. Water purification is one of the solution of water pollution and rain water. Millions of people worldwide could be saved if people use chlorination, filtration and solar disinfection to treat water at their homes 🏡.









Book Review-Treasure Island

Treasure island is a book by Robert Louis Stevenson. It’s a story about a boy who had a treasure map and goes to an island to find the treasure. The problem was that there were pirates on the ship and they also wanted the treasure. The pirates have started the mutiny and they are fighting for the treasure and killing the good crew who are trying to find the treasure for good.

Treasure island books starts when the captain kept Benbow in and the brown old seamen, with the saber-cut across his cheek, first took up his lodging under their roof. Captain likes to drink rum. He was a very silent man, hanging around the cove all day with telescope, and sitting in a Conner of the palour near the fire all evening, drinking rum. When the captain drank he pointed a knife to the doctor who told him that if he doesn’t put the kinife instant in his pocket, he promised, upon his honour that he shall hang at the next assizes. The captain knuckled under, put up his weapon and resumed his seat, grumbling like a Beaton dog.

soon afterwards, on a cold January morning, the captain had a visitor called black dog. They had a little conversation then Black dog got away and the captain stood bewildered for a moment. He told Jim to give him a rum then he fall. His wife, too alarmed by the cries and fighting, came running downstairs. Dr. Livesey came to visit captain and and tell captain’s wife and son that captain had a stroke, and would bleed him. A great deal of blood was taken captain opened his eyes and looked mistily about. Between them, somehow they got him to bed. The doctor said that he should lie a week where he is but another stroke would settle him.

Treasure island is a very interesting and enjoyable book. It is a long story with 13 chapters. This book is the best book I have ever read. At the beginning of the book it’s very hard to understand but as you read through it you will understand it. Treasure island is the book that has been made on purpose. It is telling us about things that happened many years ago. It is really nice and it’s a story of action. The main character was the narrator/the boy who had a treasure map because everything good or bad was happening to him. He was telling us about things that happened to him many years ago when he was searching for treasure with his crew.

I think that I made the right choice of choosing treasure island out of all the books. Treasure island is a book that me and my family like to read in our free time. I will try to find other books that have been written by Robert Louis Stevenson. When I am reading his stories I am feeling like I am watching a movie. Robert Louis Stevenson is the best writer ever.